The director and senior tutor at The Southern Therapies School of New Zealand is Cathy Searle.

Cathy has worked in the natural therapies field for over 16 years and is passionate about her work.  She feels it is very important in these troubling times to be able to pass on information about safe, non invasive therapies which provide a valuable tool to us in this day and age.  Many of these therapies have been forgotten over the years and now is the age of enlightenment when people are asking for more ways to improve their health, well being and practice preventative health care.

Cathy is a recognised Professional Practising Reflexologist, and  member of Reflexology New Zealand.  She has worked for 3 years on the membership committee of Reflexology New Zealand and is involved in growing and educating this wonderful therapy.

She is a Reiki Master and believes that when using natural therapies one must look at the mind, body and soul .  She is also a Professional Practising Aromatherapist, She has a passion for Essential Oils and is able to dispense these in her busy Oamaru based clinic. Cathy is a certified masseuse working with both Hot Rock treatments and Swedish Massage techniques.  She is a member of The New Zealand Charter of Health Practitioners and hold a Certificate in Adult Education.

Stress is a major challenge for many people.  To combat stress Cathy  established The Southern Therapies School of New Zealand to offer a range of courses, from short workshops to full Diplomas to  both the general public and the practising professional  therapist.  She likes nothing more than sharing her knowledge with keen, likeminded learners.

For more information www.naturaltherapypages.co.nz and search for cathy searle.


I recently attended one of Cathy’s introductory courses to reflexology.

Cathy’s commitment and care is outstanding. She is an excellent tutor providing a safe and calm and fun environment. She is very knowledgeable and insightful.

This course is designed in helping you provide reflexology for your friends and family and is also the pre-requesit for the diploma course.

Anne Youngs (Geraldine)