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 Reflexology Diploma 2017-18

Proposed dates are:

  1. 17th & 18th June 2017
  2. 15th & 16th July
  3. 12th & 13th August
  4. 16th & 17th September
  5. 14th & 15th October
  6. 11th & 12th November
  7. 9th & 10th December
  8. 20th & 21st January 2018 (longer break so we can enjoy the holidays and sunshine!)
  9. 17th & 18th February
  10. 17th & 18th March
  11. 14th & 15th April
  12. 19th & 20th May 2018 – Theory and Practical Final Examinations and contact weekend with tutor.
  13. Case studies to be completed and submitted following successful examination results.

Please contact the school for an Enrollment Booklet or just to talk things through – we are here to help.

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Students promote reflexology

How fantastic to see the 2016 Reflexology Diploma students spending 8 hours promoting reflexology in Dunedin.  So busy the whole time too, brilliant effort – well done!

20161008_191147 2016-10-16-10-33-37 2016-10-08-21-25-22 vogel-street

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Reflexology Diploma Testimonial

I successfully completed my Reflexology Diploma in April 2015 through Southern Therapies School of NZ based in Oamaru.

It has been both a memorable and valuable investment in me achieving personal goals. 

The course has been informative, challenging and engaging.  Cathy is a professional educator who sets high yet achievable standards.  Her expertise is evident in the delivery of the course content. 

This is a holistic course that offers opportunities to learn more about other modalities such as Acupuncture, Homeopathy and Podiatry to name just a few.

I’d like to thank Cathy for creating an environment that promoted learning and opportunities to build great friendships with other students.

I highly recommend Southern Therapies School of NZ as a course provider for those wanting to pursue a career in Reflexology.

 Mandy Marsh, June 2015

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Students achieve Reflexology Diplomas

Once again I am stunned by how fantastic the schools’ students are.

I would like to congratulate the latest reflexology students to graduate on their hard work, diligence and success.

They will all be wonderful reflexologists and I wish them well in their new careers and pathways.

Although hard work at the time it has now paid off as they step into their clinics with recognized diplomas and put into practice everything learnt.

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The Southern Therapies School of New Zealand (STS) is pleased to announce that its Reflexology Diploma has undergone rigorous auditing and now been approved and accredited by Reflexology New Zealand.

What this means for students…..

Students completing this diploma will gain recognition from and be able to join Reflexology New Zealand, (New Zealands reflexology governing body),  Natural Health Practitioners of NZ  and the International Council of Reflexologists.

Make the right choice – choose the professionals – be recognized


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Reflexology Diploma Testimonial

Here is a reflexology Diploma testimonial from another fantastic student –


Over the past year I have been privileged to be a part of a group of wonderful like minded women, learning together the wonderful art of Reflexology.

We came together as strangers and have developed what will become I am sure lifelong friendships.

Cathy  has been a very approachable, knowledgeable tutor and she has empowered us throughout the year with knowledge and skills for becoming Reflexology practitioners. We will all leave with a true level of excellence I am sure.

My darling Dad passed away recently and while he was very ill I used hand reflexology to stimulate the reflexes in his hands and to help reduce his stress as he battled for breath due to pneumonia. It really mattered at this very sad time to help him pass away peacefully.

We made the trip from Christchurch once a month and my husband has fished and found new friends through the wonderful markets in Oamaru and he has I am certain added to the economy.

I thoroughly encourage anyone interested to join and enjoy.

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