Reflexology – What is it??

In New Zealand the governing body for reflexologists is Reflexology New Zealand – .  This is a great site to visit for information and links about reflexology.

RNZ (Reflexology New Zealand} define reflexology as:

“Reflexology is a form of treatment that involves applying pressure as well as the use of effleurage techniques (or massage) in a certain manner to all areas of the feet. In the feet there are reflex areas, which relate to all organs and systems within the body and these reflex areas are found on the soles, tops and sides of the feet. The feet as a whole correspond to the whole body. By working the feet it is possible to find out which areas of the body are out of balance and treatment can be given to rebalance the body by stimulating its own healing mechanism. The hands and ears can also be used in reflexology and again similar reflex areas exist corresponding to the whole body.”


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