Seaweed for thyroid health

SEAWEED for thyroid health – protect yourself from radiation.
Since the disaster in Japan it is now even more important to think about radiation poisoning and protection from the nuclear fallout.
Your thyroid gland needs iodine to remain healthy (hence the addition of iodine to salt to prevent goiters).
The thyroid has iodine receptors which should be kept full of natural iodine for optimum health, if there are free receptors they will attract radioactive iodine which will stick to the receptors and may cause thyroid cancer (the number 1 killer from radioactive nuclear fallout).
It is ESSENTIAL that you have enough iodine in your diet.
Iodine is also needed by the body for breast and ovary health.

Most of us are severely iodine deficient unless we live in Japan and have a diet rich in seaweed. There is very little breast cancer in Japan due to the high levels of seaweed consumed, it is only when Japanese women emmigrate that their breast cancer rates increase.
I suggest that you must now source your seaweed from closer to home as you do not want to risk the possibility of ingesting radioactive products. It is time to make your own miso soup/kelp pepper from locally sourced product.

I am lucky enough to live by the sea so make my own kelp pepper which I add to most all of our cooking and the children don’t even know it is in their food!
Head down to the beach at the turn of the tide, or anytime if you can reach fresh seaweed easily. The type of seaweed you are looking for is giant kelp (this is the kind that has the tassles with round bits attached – the ones you used to pop when you were children – with flat sheets of seaweed, google giant kelp for an image), I think you can use all sorts but this is extremetly nutritious and the variety found in New Zealand waters is particularly rich in minerals.
The fresher the better, rinse well in fresh water and dry.
I have tried drying in the oven, on the washing line, laying flat and in the dehydrator. The seaweed dries very quickly and I have found that the dehydrator is the quickest and easiest. You can harvest loads as it dries up to nothing.
When dry put it in the blender part of the food processor and process for ages. It will eventually become like pepper and be ready for use. It is very concentrated and so you do not need much. Just sprinkle onto food or into cooking. There are quite a few recipes from renowned chefs available on the internet.
This will ensure THYROID health.

If you have not done this, when we are finally told of the radioactive contamination there is something you can do to save yourself – drink diluted (1/4 teaspoon) Baking Soda as it has the ability to attract the radioactive iodine molecules (that are not already attached to the thyroid) and take them straight to the kidneys for elimination from the body.
Stocking up on seaweed and bicarbonate of soda could be the the best thing to do – be proactive.

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