Cathy is a diligent, caring and empowering tutor! The school location is easily accessible and the facilities met all my needs. Visit her website and check out her excellent student testimonials or book in for a treatment to discover the deep relaxation and holistic benefits of reflexology!

Cathy is a highly, skilled, knowledgeable and encouraging professional tutor. Completing a Diploma in Reflexology with Cathy ensures a sought after professional qualification. One to be very proud of.

Average Rating: 5.0 stars (based on 11 ratings)

I attended the intro to reflex course earlier this year

I attended the intro to reflex course earlier this year. The course has been a wonderful tool in my practice as a massage therapist and I would thoroughly recommend anyone working in any complementary modality to attend since Cathy’s enthusiasm, professionalism and teaching style are so inspiring to be around. It has rejuvenated me and encouraged me to put more into my business and refreshed my whole outlook. Thank you Cathy

Rebecca Perkins

Learning together the wonderful art of Reflexology

Over the past year I have been privileged to be a part of a group of wonderful like minded women, learning together the wonderful art of Reflexology.

We came together as strangers and have developed what will become I am sure lifelong friendships.

Cathy has been a very approachable, knowledgeable tutor and she has empowered us throughout the year with knowledge and skills for becoming Reflexology practitioners. We will all leave with a true level of excellence I am sure.

My darling Dad passed away recently and while he was very ill I used hand reflexology to stimulate the reflexes in his hands and to help reduce his stress as he battled for breath due to pneumonia. It really mattered at this very sad time to help him pass away peacefully.

We made the trip from Christchurch once a month and my husband has fished and found new friends through the wonderful markets in Oamaru and he has I am certain added to the economy.

I thoroughly encourage anyone interested to join and enjoy.

B. Reed Collier

Introduction to Reflexology workshop – July 2018

This is a fantastic workshop and is where I truly fell in love with Reflexology, this is the perfect workshop and counts towards the diploma if you decide to make a career of this amazing modality.

Cathy is an amazing teacher and has a wonderful way of supporting and nurturing all of her students throughout the diploma. If you want amazing growth and transformation in your life I highly recommend attending.

I Have made life long friendships and will always treasure this experience.

C. Macpherson

I really loved the course

I did the introductory course on reflexology in November. I have always been interested in natural health therapies that’s one of the reasons why I did the course. Having a background working in dispensary in pharmacy I believe there is a place for natural alternatives and it’s becoming increasingly very popular which I think is very important.

I found Cathy the be a great tutor, she has so much amazing knowledge to share. I really loved the course. She delivers it in a fun interesting way in a positive and safe learning environment. I met some very nice people who shared a common interest. I would highly recommend the course. Thanks Cathy, well done Liz Kirk.

Liz Kirk

I highly recommend the experience of Reflexology and any training through the Southern Therapies School of New Zealand

It is with great pleasure to give testimonial to Cathy’s wonderful talent and professionalism in her work as a Reflexologist, Natural therapist and an Educational Facilitator for Southern Therapies School of New Zealand, I recently benefited greatly from her Introductory to Reflexology Course, (Cathy being very generous in sharing her knowledge and training) as well as being lucky enough enjoy many reflex sessions from herself and her brilliant students.

I highly recommend the experience of Reflexology and any training through the Southern Therapies School of New Zealand.

Gaye McBride – Reiki Master/Teacher and Hypnotherapist

Gaye McBride

Thank you so much Cathy

Thank you so much Cathy for your enthusiasm and patience with teaching us fundamentals of reflexology. Your experience and knowledge reflected upon our learning and we would definitely be back to do another course with you!’ thank you.

Maxine Shea

Reflexology Diploma Reflection

After attending the Reflexology workshop in Oamaru, I knew deciding to do the following diploma was the new beginning I was looking for, it was my step forward towards creating a new life with meaning. For myself personally, it has certainly achieved that, and I am now continuing study in Podiatry with a view to become a bridge between both eastern and western practices.

I attended with an open mind and heart ready to embrace the discovery and learnings without expectation, but with hope, that this would be a great experience, not only learning a beautiful holistic practice, but being with and learning from like-minded souls. It didn’t take long to recognise, each of us were not only here to learn Reflexology, but were also on a personal journey of self-discovery.

The monthly weekends in which our class gathered to learn and practice, worked perfectly with other responsibilities and commitments in my life. The paperwork required between the monthly weekend classes was challenging enough in the time allowed, but also doable enough. It was great to come home after each monthly weekend, with new skills to apply on our practice clients.

I enjoyed the different additional modalities Cathy (tutor) arranged for our monthly class sessions including, acupuncture, podiatry, physiotherapy and aromatherapy. It opened our minds to discover similarities and complementary aspects that can be useful as a Reflexologist. It was here where my next step forward in life was revealed to me, whilst attending the podiatry workshop, a lightbulb moment and one I declared to my classmates during morning break.

I am honoured to have been taught by such an experienced, helpful, understanding, humorous and loving reflexologist, Cathy our tutor, who has such passion for what she does and what she represents. I cannot thank Cathy enough, the relatable stories that were shared, the experience she shared made learning so much more interesting and enjoyable. I acknowledge completing the diploma wouldn’t have been achievable had it not been for Cathy’s full support, as I set off to study Podiatry in Auckland which proved to be my biggest challenge while trying to complete my reflexology case studies.

My success is a shared success for I have not got here on my own. I had a wonderful experience, with a wonderful group of ladies, we are all so different, yet this was a meeting of the like-minded, in which we learned and embraced an ancient holistic practice and became advocates for this wonderful healing therapy. I know I am a much more open minded, mindful, reflective, loving and caring person, I have grown so much due to this experience. I am so happy to have attained the skills required to provide confident reflexologist treatments, and I am very proud to have achieved my diploma under the guidance of Cathy Searle and the Southern Therapies School of New Zealand.

Linda Moir

It is an honor and with pleasure to post a testimonial for Cathy – October 2013

It is an honor and with pleasure to post a testimonial for Cathy. I have not long completed my two day Introduction to Reflexology course. I had no idea what to expect. I had had contact with Cathy thru phone calls previous to this weekend and had warmed to her instantly. After day one I was pleasantly surprised at the atmosphere surrounding this course. It was a very relaxed and calm environment. Cathy is an amazing tutor who makes it fun and interesting. All information could be retained mentally so easily and although the days were long you never came away tired. Cathy is very knowledgeable in many areas of alternative therapies and she would willingly impart this knowledge. I had a fantastic group of people to share this course with and as the numbers were very small it was peaceful.

All my needs were met and I thank Cathy for this experience I have caught the “foot” bug and have just registered for the Diploma in Reflexology.

Lesley Oppert

Reflexology Diploma – 2016

Doing the Reflexology Diploma is an absolute joy with such an inspirational teacher – thanks Cathy – and an amazing group of fellow students. Can’t recommend it enough. Fantastic!!!

R Matthews

Reflexology Diploma – June 2015

I successfully completed my Reflexology Diploma in April 2015 through Southern Therapies School of NZ based in Oamaru.

It has been both a memorable and valuable investment in me achieving personal goals.

The course has been informative, challenging and engaging. Cathy is a professional educator who sets high yet achievable standards. Her expertise is evident in the delivery of the course content.

This is a holistic course that offers opportunities to learn more about other modalities such as Acupuncture, Homeopathy and Podiatry to name just a few.

I’d like to thank Cathy for creating an environment that promoted learning and opportunities to build great friendships with other students.

I highly recommend Southern Therapies School of NZ as a course provider for those wanting to pursue a career in Reflexology.

Mandy Marsh

I recently attended one of Cathy’s introductory courses on reflexology

I recently attended one of Cathy’s introductory courses on reflexology. Cathy’s commitment and care is outstanding. She is an excellent tutor providing a safe and calm and fun environment. She is very knowledgeable and insightful.

This course is designed in helping you provide reflexology for your friends and family and is also the pre-requisit for the diploma course.

Anne Youngs (Geraldine)
Average Rating: 5.0 stars (based on 11 ratings)